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Appearance Matters in Job Interviews

Would you let your dream job slip when you could have done something?
You know well about the company. Your resume is impressive. You have practiced writing an essay should you be asked to come up with one.  Then you missed the job because you forgot one crucial detail that is looking the part.
Appearance counts on interviews. While it is not the only basis of employers in hiring, it still means a lot. It can help you get the job.
 Impressions run around the manager's mind right when you enter the door. Imagine you are trying to convey a message that you are a responsible employee. Let us say you are applying as sales representative and you will have to meet clients. You will come face-to-face with prospect buyers and introduce the product, as well as the company. Then the manager notices all this on you: wrinkled polo and pants, unpolished black shoes, and messy hair. Do you think you successfully established yourself as the responsible guy?
The manager may think you are not the one they're looking for even if you aced on writing an essay about gaining sales. It is because you failed to observe their number one rule to look presentable, at all times.
Pay attention to details
How you look can be associated to your personality. It pays to check on small details because believe it or not, it can take you a long way.
·         Dress appropriately. Do not proceed in a job interview looking like you have just rolled off your bed. Fix your hair so that the interviewers will have a good view of your face.
·         Do not let bangs cover your eyes. Keeping eye contact with the interviewers while speaking is showing sincerity and conviction.
·         Wear just the right amount of make-up. Remember you are in a corporate setting and not in a fashion gala.
·         The price tag is not an issue. You can wear any brand for as long as the attire fits the job requirements. Choose soft colors.
·         Make sure your nails are clean so you are prepared for a handshake. 
Dress For Success
Perceptions matter in a job interview. How you carry and present yourself speaks about your character. Being well-groomed manifests self-respect and dignity. It means you care for yourself, for others and most especially, for the company. It also denotes professionalism.
Whether the task is writing an essay the entire day and does not require meeting customers, arriving in the office with the appropriate outfit is always important. Remember that the goal is to land the job, so dress for success and wow the employers.

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