вторник, 9 августа 2011 г.

Writing Philosophy of Education: Daunting but Rewarding

What is your philosophy of education? This question is both tricky and challenging, that you have to focus to create good essays. A philosophy is about one's outlook. Aspiring mentors are required to formulate their own personal educational philosophy.

Your philosophy reflects who you are,
There is no absolute philosophy as people have different beliefs. You can quote an existing philosophy but always give credit where it is due. And remember that it does not end with mentioning a philosophy. Show that you clearly understand the idea. Explain using your own words. Relate the concept to your personal experience.

Speak from the heart to come up with good essays.  Be retrospective. Look back to what triggered your passion to teach. Is it your least or most favorite professor? Fast forward to your aim which you would like to work on.

Composing a philosophy is not merely a statement of principles. It is at the same time, an action plan. You are to expound how you will apply your beliefs to your teaching strategies.

Be careful of what and how you write,
Maintain a positive voice. You do not have to criticize other instructors' teaching styles, and compare with yours. Do not talk about the problems that the field of education is currently facing. Your audience are aware of that. Discuss instead realistic solutions. Talk about your how your techniques can promote learning.

Treat your philosophy as a critical writing coursework. Focus on a single topic per paragraph. Use the first sentences as introduction. You would not want to confuse your readers, so organize your thoughts and observe smooth transitions. Proofread as many times as you can. You can also ask expert writers of good essays to read your philosophy. Take note of their feedbacks when revising your output.

Keep in mind,
Deans or principal would like to look into the mindset of potential members of their learning community. They are not just after your ability to compose good essays. They want to know if you have what it takes to teach, and that you have to prove on your philosophy.